how to make a tumblr

how to make tumblr bloghow to make a tumblr step by step
Learn how to make a blog on tumblr step by step Tumblr is a blog service that has become more popular among users. He seeks a compromise between blogs and microblogs. The differential Tumblr is the possibility of immediate integration with other social networks.
One of the most interesting features of Tumblr is the variety of content that the user can insert into your blog. Videos, images, text, quotes and even songs. The limit here is the user’s imagination. In addition, you can also edit the look of your page easily and very practical way.
But before you start to use these features, you need to create a Tumblr account. Therefore, the ComoFazer created this quick tutorial teaching all steps necessary to create your account in this great blogging service. Ready?
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